Association History:


The Nevada Bankers Association was formed at a meeting of the representatives of twenty banking institutions inNevada on December 5, 1908.

At the annual meeting in October 1966, the delegates voted to incorporate as a non-profit corporation. The Articles of Incorporation were duly filed with the Secretary of State on December 8, 1966 and a Certificate of Incorporation was issued on that date.

The purpose for which Nevada Bankers Association, a corporation, was formed are listed in the Articles of Incorporation, as follows:

(a) To promote the general welfare and usefulness of banks and banking institutions, to secure uniformity of action, together with the practical benefits derived from personal acquaintances and from the discussion of subjects of importance to the banking, commercial and industrial interest of the State of Nevada, and especially to secure the proper consideration of questions regarding the financial and commercial usages, customs and laws which affect the banking interests of the State of Nevada, and for protection against loss by crime;

(b) To promote and foster, through cooperative effort, the interests of the banking industry;

(c) To provide a forum for the discussion of matters of general interest to its members;

(d) To promote cooperation between the Nevada banking industry and federal, state and other governmental agencies;

(e) To promote better understanding between this Association and the American Bankers Association;

(f) To provide a means for the study of the problems of banking;

(g) To purchase or otherwise acquire, own, hold, use, sell, exchange, assign, convey, lease, or otherwise dispose of, and mortgage or otherwise hypothecate, or encumber real and personal property;

(h) To do all such lawful acts and things necessary or proper to promote the general welfare of the industry and to carry into effect any one or more of the objects and purposes hereinabove set forth and to the end and to any one or more of the acts and things aforesaid, incidental there to, all of which shall be consistent with applicable law and the public interest, as well as the interest of this industry; and, in conducting or carrying on its activities, and for the purpose of promoting or furthering any one or more of its said objects or purposes to exercise any and all of the powers hereinabove set forth in this Article, and any other or additional power now or here hereinafter authorized by law, either alone or in conjunction with others, as principal, agent or otherwise;

(i) To have and exercise all of the necessary and proper power, privileges, rights and immunities conferred by the laws of the State of Nevada on non-profit corporations.